How To Start Learning Android App Management

In dealing with mobile development, a lot of options abound out there. They are many and mentioning everyone of them will provably require a bit more than this article can contain. There is React Native, SDKs, APKs, Sencha, Xamarin and a host of others that it can all seem too overwhelming. With a little bit of luck, this guide will provide you with a pretty good idea of what you are going to face when you venture into any plan to develop your first Android app. You will get to know the basic steps that will take you from just an idea to being listed on Google Play store. The React Native is written with Web technologies like JavaScript, HTML and JSX. This can be a bit difficult for starters.

Download Tutuapp APK File for Android devices (Latest Version)

If you are searching for modded games or applications then now your research is over. Some developers from China has developed an application named Tutuapp which is available for Android and iOS devices.  For people who do not know Tutuapp aims to bring all the most popular games such as Pokemon Go, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Apex Launcher Pro, Nova Launcher and much more.

If you think that Tutuapp is a hacking tool then you are wrong as Xmodgames is an assistant tool which helps players pursue their goals better and provide players with a better game experience. Tutuapp has a nice interface and easy buttons to navigate.

So, if you are searching for an article which will show you the Tutuapp APK File for your Android device then you are in the right place. You can download the latest Tutuapp APK from the download button from below.

Download  APK for Android phones

  • Filename: Tutuapp_APK-v.
  • Application Name: Tutuapp
  • Version:
  • Updated: 4th August 2016
  • File size: 4.44 MB

How to Install Tutuapp APK on Android easily

  • Grab your Android phone and unlock it.
  • Now, as you have downloaded Tutuapp APK from a third party website (Tutuappandroid) you need to enable unknown sources on your Android phone. This operation can be performed by going to Settings->Security or Settings and from there check the Unknown Sources box. Once, you have enabled this option, you will be able to install APK files that you’ve downloaded from us just a few moments ago.
  • Then, tap Next >> Install and wait for the installation process of Tutuapp to be completed.
  • When the app has been installed on your Android device tap on the Open button.


The First Is The Idea

This is the first step in creating any mobile application. In fact, this is the first step in creating anything at all. You have to think of something which people are currently missing or which would be of a great deal of importance to people. This could be as simple as a new way to access the internet or it could be something much more complex. You do not always have to put on yourself the burden of innovating, you just have to put out something that is better than the one that is already out there.

The Language Of Your Software Is An Important Factor

Although people may tell you that the ability to write your own software is the key to a well developed app, it will be very overwhelming at first. However, there are many guides which you can make use of out there begging to be used. There is the Codecademy, which will mist definitely be of great help to you. It is highly advisable that you try to take things step by step. The language you would eventually opt for depends on what you expect from your app, the amount you are prepared to spend on your innovation.

You should bear in mind that your app has to be well developed  if it is going to stand a chance in the market. Then you have to think about mobile development. As regards this, there are also many different options for you to chose from. One other option you can decide on is Xamarin. Xamarin is a framework which has been acquired by Microsoft of recent. The Android Studio is a multiplatform for Windows, OSX and Linux. It is developed by Google and is the best option which this article recommends.

You Will Require A Backend

Your need of a backend is largely dependent on the type of application you want to build. A backend is  a computer that takes care of the data your application requires and generates. Applications such as a social network or a chat application will require this backend. However a calculator or any such similar app do not have any use of any backend.
The backend is usually written using PHP, NodeJS or any other code that can be found sitting on a server somewhere. This code usually has some sort of database like  MySQL. If, in any way, you don’t we the need to purchase and keep the machine running by yourself, you can easily switch to the Amazon Web Services or the DigitalOcean which will have you charged for the resources you use.

Your Software Is An Important Factor


This is the last part of the job. You will have to create a ‘signed APK'. This is created by IDE and signed using a key file that is generated with your information. The key is unique, and prevents people from uploading a copy of your application with malicious code embedded in it. This would be the most viable option to choose in this guide. In order to be accepted by Google play store, there are a list of guidelines and procedures which you have to follow. Rejection of apps is not uncommon. Get ready to see your app online in the store of your choice if everything goes according to plan.


Every new software has to be tested for a certain time in order to determined its worthiness. The test device may be your phone, and you can enable further development by clicking on the “Build Version “ which will be in the “About this phone's” section of the phone setting. If a device is not handy at the moment, you can simply use a device simulator which can be found in most Integrated Development Environments (IDE). This is useful in trying different phones which may have slower hardware and different screen sizes in order to be sure that your app has wide reaches in terms of accessibility.

The Next Is The User Experience

Before you get your app out there, you have to get it beta tested. Using your friends gauge the public reaction and what they will say about your app. If your friends appears confused with your app, or frustrated, then the app is definitely not for the public. There is also the most popular IDE which is always used for Android App Development. Maybe it could be for you again, but you do not want that, do you? Also it depends on what you are comfortable with. In order to give the users a beautiful experience, you should try as must as possible to make it easy to be accessed and keep it simple.


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